Camprofile Gaskets

Camprofile offers the compressibility of a sheet gasket for low sealing stress, along with the bolt tightness of a spiral wound gasket - plus the handling ease of a solid metal gasket and its resistance to buckling. The Camprofiles gasket fights against flange rotation, bolt stress relaxation, and creep - even under extreme pressure and temperature fluctuations. At Masterpac, we have complete range of facing which suitable for every applications e.g. Vermiculite,  Sigraflex® APX2, Gore GR ePTFE.

Masterpac MICATHERM® Camprofiles

Masterpac Camprofile gasket with MICATHERM® Facing consists of a serrated metal core onto which is bonded a mica based sealing face. The metallic core provides gasket rigidity and blow-out resistance while the soft MICATHERM® facing provides exceptional sealing performance. This Camprofile gasket uses high temperature facing material which has max temperature at 1000ºC and Class 150 to 2500.

Camprofile Style HEG-C1

Our Camprofile (Kammprofile)  style HEG-C1 manufactured under ASME standard (or customer's standard)  which  consists of serrated metallic core, incorporating soft gasket sealing facings. This design is typically used in confined locations, including male-to-female, tongue  & groove, and recessed flange arrangements. Suitable for class 150 to 2500 service.

Camprofile Style HEG-C2

Masterpac Camprofile style HEG-C2 (ASME standard  or customer's standard)  consists of parallel root core with integral centering ring which helps for correct gasket positioning within the mating flange bolt circle. This design typically recommended for using on standard raised face and flat face flange assemblies. Suitable for class 150 to 2500 service.

Camprofile Style HEG-C3

Camprofile style HEG-C3 (ASME standard, or customer's standard) is the design that consists of parallel root core with floating centering ring, attached outside the sealing area. This design is preferred where flange differential radial thermal expansion may be encountered. HEG-C3 is recommended for use on standard flat face and raised face flange assemblies. Suitable for Class 150 to 2500.