Flexitallic Thermiculite

Thermiculite high temperature gasket materials are rated for temperatures from cryogenic up to 1000ºC and free from oxidation. Due to  unique formulation, we are able to  offer Thermiculite as a sheet material, and also in many of our other product lines.

Thermiculite Sheet 815

Thermiculite 815 reinforced Thermiculite fibre with a 0.004˝, 316 stainless steel tanged core. Provides total freedom from oxidation. Chemical compatibility exceeds graphite. Fire safe with proven global track record.

Thermiculite Sheet 715

Thermiculite 715 is a high performance coreless material suitable for use in a wide range of demanding and general industrial sealing applications. The material possesses excellent resistance to most chemical media and suitable for sealing steam, acids, alkalis and virtually all general industrial chemicals.