SGL Carbon is one for the world’s leading manufacturers of carbon based products, manufactures flexible graphite foils and graphite sealing sheets from high quality  expanded graphite and marketed under the SIGRAFLEX® trademark to the sealing industry worldwide.

SIGRAFLEX® Flexible Graphite Foil and Tapes

With graphite purity more than 98% and sulphur content less than 300ppm, making SIGRAFLEX flexible graphite foil be the first choice for sealing applications for long term use at high temperatures – particularly in the petrochemical industry. Our SIGRAFLEX APX2, APX, E, C and Z foils feature outstanding oxidation resistance in comparison with other industrial graphite foils, making them ideal for high-temperature processes.

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SIGRAFLEX® Unreinforced and Reinforced Graphite Gasket Sheets

The portfolio of SIGRAFLEX graphite sheets made from flexible graphite provides a variety of solutions to all needs. We offer gasket sheets for flat gaskets in different variants e.g. unreinforced or reinforced, with or without impregnation, with adhesives or binders as well as adhesive-free. SIGRAFLEX graphite gasket sheets are manufatured exclusively at two sites in Germany and the US.

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