SSHE Specialties

Increase your Safety, Security, Health, and Environment (SSHE) standards at your site with Masterpac SSHE products that suit your applications e.g.  fire blanket, rapp-it, fire escape hood, absorbent pad and more. Masterpac is proud to be a sustainable business and it is our policy to create a safe and clean environmental for our employees, stakeholders and everyone.


Rapp-it is roll of fiberglass bandage impregnated with water-activated polyurethane resin which is ready to use once the foil pouch is opened. You simply immerse Rapp-it in water for 10 seconds, and then apply by wrapping around the damaged area. A successful repair can be achieved in 30 minutes. It is essential to cover yourself and your company by stocking Rapp-it emergency repair kits because you never know when you will need Rapp-it.

Teadit Packing Extractors

Teadit packing extractors facilitate the removal of used packing rings from stuffing boxes of pumps, valves, mixers, etc.  Their benefits including;

  • Can be used with gland packing for many varieties of sizes.

  • The perfect labor saving tools for removing packings from stuffing boxes.

  • Flexible  i.e. allows access around obstructions and in hard-to-get areas.

  • Corkscrew bits made of specially tempered tool steel for strength and  durability.

Ring Gasket Cutter

This is the ideal tool for cutting circular gaskets, it produces clean and accurate cutting in most jointing materials up to approximately 5 mm. thick. Its benefits including;

  • Able to cut all sizing of gasket for all pipe or lining size.

  • Able to cut sheet, PTFE, plastic and rubber material.

  • Knife can be easy adapted for application.

  • Able to cut gasket from size 3"- 75" with movable machine's body.

  • Portable and convenience to use (weight 9.5 kgs and 1.5 m in length).

Fire Blanket

Our fire blanket made from woven glass fibre which is totally asbestos-free. At Masterpac, there are many styles and sizes available for customers.   These blankets, when draped over a fire, smother the danger by starving the fire of oxygen. Moreover, it can also be used to wrap around a person whose clothes are on fire. It suitable for using in a variety of different environments including refineries, factories,  laboratories etc..

Absorbent Pads & Rolls

Masterpac absorbent pads and rolls are made of ultrasonically bonded high-loft polypropylene fibers to provide outstanding strength as well as superior absorbency. These pads quickly and effectively contain oil, hydrocarbons and other chemicals while repelling water. 

Our absorbent pads and rolls are available in 2 models which are oil only application and Universal absorbency application. Both are available in light, medium and heavy weights.