Compressed Fibre Sheet

Non-asbestos  fibre (NAF) materials are based around the production techniques originally used for compressed asbestos fibre (CAF), which is no longer available.  With more than 20 years experience in gasket and sealing  industry, Masterpac offers a  comprehensive range of non-asbestos  soft gaskets  covering a wide spectrum of applications in every industry.

Masterpac MP 4430

Our MP 4430 is manufactured by the hot calendering process using high quality non-asbestos fibers and oil resistant synthetic rubber. Specially, this sheet has superior sealing ability with excellent oil resistance. MP 4430 is a general purpose material suitable for use in wide range of application including air, water, hot water, steam, oil, gases and general chemical.


Premium quality carbon fibre reinforced material, with a high quality nitrile rubber binder. TESNIT® BA-CF has excellent thermal and chemical resistance to strong alkaline media which highly recommended for high temperature applications, petrochemicals and for the paper and cellulose industries.


TESNIT® BA-50 is a good quality material based on a blend of aramid and inorganic fibres bonded with nitrile rubber. TESNIT® BA-50 has good thermal and chemical resistance, which makes it appropriate for use in a wide range of applications including potable water supply and shipbuilding.


TESNIT® BA-GL is a superior universal compressed sheet material, based on a blend of Glass fibres, aramid fibres, inorganic fillers, NBR binder which combines excellent thermal and chemical resistance with outstanding mechanical properties, especially bolt torque retention. Thus, TESNIT® BA-GL is highly suitable for gas and steam supplies, heating systems, pumps and compressors.


TESNIT BA-F is a gasket material made from synthetic fibers and graphite with NBR binder. Its combines very good thermal property and chemical resistance to steam, oils, gases, fuels, lubricants, alkaline media and weak acids. TESNIT BA-F is highly recommended for chemical, petro-chemical, construction as well as power plants.