Compression Packings

At Masterpac, we offers a complete line of high performance packing for pumps, valves, and other rotating equipments. Also offer packing for special purpose applications e.g. Thermiculite® packing,  Gore® GFO® Packing, and so on.

Graphite Packing - MP 8005

Masterpac MP 8005 is a pure expanded graphite fiber yarn with corrosion inhibitors. The benefits are a high temperature and speed capacity. It is highly suitable for steam valves, boiler feed pumps, condensate pumps, chemical and petrochemical applications, expansion joints and high temperature groove packing.

Carbon Packing - MP 1840G

 Masterpac MP 1840G made from carbon fiber yarn and high flashpoint impregnated with fine graphite powder, PTFE dispersions and lubricants. This packing is also manufactured by using inconel wire totally encapsulated to avoid valve steam damage. MP 1840G is ideally recommended for service in the top end of the market such as power generation, pulp and paper, refining and petrochemical.

Carbon Packing - MP 1840

Masterpac MP 1840 is a carbon fiber yarn impregnated with PTFE dispersion. It promotes long shaft and sleeve life by having a high thermal conductivity and heat dissipation. MP 1840 is typically used in strong acid, strong alkali, organic solvents, hot oils, steam, hydrocarbon, pumps and reciprocating services.

PTFE Packing - MP 4130D

Masterpac MP 4130D is a pure PTFE fiber yarn braided into a square packing without lubricant.  PTFE fiber can be used with aggressive chemicals and at temperature beyond the range of natural fibers.  MP 4130D  is highly recommended for using in rotating service as anti-extrusion end rings and for using in reciprocating service with high pressures and speeds such as in plunger pumps or valves steam.

PTFE Packing - MP 4130L

According to the nature of PTFE, care must be taken when using in rotary service to avoid burning and glazing of packing during start-up period. Masterpac MP 4130L consists of lubricant silicone oil which incorporated with the packing during manufacture to provide compatibility with chemicals,  food  & potable water. It is excellent for food and drinks industry and highly recommended for petrochemical, pumps and valve in strong acid and alkali services.