Compressed Fibre Sheet

Non-asbestos  fibre (NAF) materials are based around the production techniques originally used for compressed asbestos fibre (CAF), which is no longer available.  With more than 15 years experience in gasket and sealing  industry, Masterpac offers a  comprehensive range of non-asbestos  soft gaskets  covering a wide spectrum of applications in every industry.

Novus 48

Novus 48 Acid is a specially formulated compressed sheet material, based on a blend of fibres with an acid resistant binder system.  Designed to withstand aggressive chemical environments. A chemical grade material suitable for most acids, alkalis, oils, fuels and refrigerants.

Novus 49

Novus 49 Graftec is a  compressed non-asbestos sheet material which combines a high percentage of graphite, reinforced with aramid fibres and a small amount of rubber binder system. A high performance material with excellent mechanical properties, it is suitable for many applications including oils, solvents, high pressure steam and gases including oxygen.  

Novus TI

Novus TI is a graphite laminate product reinforced with an insertion of tanged 0.1mm thick 316 stainless steel. No adhesive is required to bond the graphite layers to the tanged insert resulting in a sturdy gasket material with excellent mechanical strength. Its wide temperature range and excellent stress retention make it ideal for steam systems and process duties in the petrochemical and manufacturing industries.